Redesign Resto.Paris Website

The client :

First, preparing Kickoff Meeting

Enroll in the Design Thinking Process

Double Diamond
  • Empathize — building shared understanding and empathy
  • Define — identifying key flows, challenges and pain points
  • Ideate — ideate, sketch, low fi prototype
  • Prototype — iterative design, test, and implementation

Empathize phase : Research — let’s understand our users and context

Market Analysis

Environmental responsibility (packaging, transport, etc.)

Social responsibility (working conditions of delivery people, etc.)

Social responsibility (unbalanced diet, etc.)

Lean Survey

User’s interview : ”It’s good that the Uber Eat/Deliveroo monopoly is being pushed around by other players”

  1. The UX of Resto.Paris platform is too complicated and full of blockers
  2. Uniformity lack regarding the content of Resto.Paris website
  3. Resto.Paris value proposition is unclear
  1. The selection of restaurants at Resto.Paris is highly appreciated.
  2. Significant awareness among users regarding the hidden conditions and their impact
  3. 80% of the respondents considered that paying all actors of the value chain fairly is important

Define phase : Analyze — affinity map, persona & journey map

  • Find alternative platform with ethical commitments
  • Take into consideration delivery man conditions (status, equipment & salary) as well as packaging and fair remuneration base
  • Get access to local and healthy food through the delivery platforms
  • Get access to mobile website or mobile app of food delivery with a user friendliness and intuitive environment (familiar interface)
  • Annoyed by the opacity of the delivery platforms regarding the work conditions and their margin
  • Frustrated about not finding alternative platforms
  • Tired about the amount of food packaging
  • Doesn’t feel satisfied with the classical client support of the platform
  • Be aligned with herself and her values
  • Raise awareness among her inner circle about these issues
  • Invest money in a more sustainable system and an eco-responsible company
  • Use new technologies at environment’s service

Alexandra, the committed foodie in the thirties needs an alternative platform of food delivery with ethical committments (fair rider conditions, eco-responsible restaurants, transparent & fair platform) because existing options such as Deliveroo or UBER eats are not aligned with her convictions and she wants to support sustainable companies through a friendliness and intuitive interface.

Ideate phase : How Might We, Crazy’s 8 & feature prioritization, Info architecture

  • Rethink completely the homepage and present each partner and competitive advantage
  • Add filter feature
  • Add the value chain repartition info somewhere in the user experience
  • Change the research bar
  • Make the content consistent
  • Add more info regarding contraints during the user experience

Site map & User Flow

Actual Site map

Prototype Phase : Low-fi, Mid-fi, Hi-Fi & Tests

Mid-fi & Usability Tests

UI Elements : Moodboard, Style Tile, Hi-Fi Proto

Usability Tests on the Hi-Fi

Hi-Fi video

Responsive website

Category & Restaurant pages

Desirability tests

Next steps and key learnings

  • Finish the hi-fi prototype for the desktop part
  • Code the new website and add the changes
  • Create an interface for the BtoB offer
  • Create contente for a blog part to improve their SEO

Key Learnings :

  • The kickoff meeting is sooo important, just to frame the work and the do’s and don’ts of the project. For example, the client asked us to change the main color after spending hours creating a moodboard, if we had agreed on this from the start, we would have saved time.
  • Organizing your Figma is like, crucial ! We had so many pages, assets, styles. Fortunately I decided to clean and organise it as often as possible. It makes also easier to transmit the deliverables to the client at the end of the project.
  • Create components, seems like a nightmare at the beginning but
    this can be a great time saver.
  • When you work in a team, always promote to do the same task and put in commun to get the find the better solution.



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Rosalie Godefroy

Rosalie Godefroy

In full reconversion to become a Product Manager, I previously worked as an Account Manager in Tech universes. Passionate about drawing, pony & hiking.